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Providing location information for registering into websites

By   September 10, 2019

Keeping your internet browser up to date

Cyber threats such as viruses are always changing and growing. You need to keep your browser software up to date to ensure you are most protected against them. Browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others get updated regularly so that bugs and exploits are fixed asap to compromise your computer and personal information. It is extremely vital to ensure that the details you provide on various website, regardless of the purpose, gives you the minimum assurance that they will not be misused.

Updates are added often to ensure new features are installed into your browser for added protection. Keep a regular check on these provisions, software and devices to make sure that you’re updated with the available safety measures checks.

Keep your personal information personal 

If you do banking online using credit cards on platforms like PayPal, it is often well-protected. However sometimes security can be compromised while it may be easy and simple to do banking online, your address, phone and name etc are all on the account that you are logging into. Your details can be stored through trackers and cookies and then given to third parties that can access your personal data and location through GPS alert systems or activated location services.

Books and computers

If you are signing up for websites that they don’t actually need your address to verify your identity or to send items out to your home then you can consider just putting your state in. Some online registration forms require the address field to not be left blank but most times you can get away with just entering a state that way your location is only limited to that. However, if you have no location services protection and are not using a VPN then your location may already be known.

Personal information that often follows your address:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Usernames/passwords
  • Date of birth
  • Bank details
  • Business details

Most of us think when we are entering information about our address, credit cards etc they are private and confidential. Even if someone has your phone number and name, they can still do their thing and soon enough they can link your personal details to your location. This is mostly the case when it comes to online property sales where the interested buyer or seller needs to log into the website after providing their personal information. Once the location has been provided, any data breach can automatically cause the linked location information to be at stake where it can be used for various unauthorised activities for which your details can be linked to. This is something most people need to be cautious about. Regardless of how safe or secure you feel your information is in the hands of a trusted website, its always better to take precautionary steps to ensure otherwise.

Registering and subscribing

When you register and subscribe to anything online you are required to put your username and password in. You will be asked for other information like gender, address, age etc. this is for building the customer profile and if space has a red asterisk then it means you can no longer go any further without entering something. If there is no asterisk, then you can simply leave the space blank.

Conceptual coding

Is the website secure?

While you shouldn’t enter information on websites that are not secure some have extra precautions to keep your identity safe like banking. However, even if they are still secure there is still a slight chance someone can be tracking your location and data. If you are unsure how secure the website it then call the company and see what they can tell you about their security and about entering your personal details. Even if the private real estate listings are something that has been much waited for and you really need to access this list, make sure that the website that provides the same is a secured platform which will not jeopardise your personal information.

What you put online will stay online

Once you have posted online the info cannot always be removed and you won’t have access to who sees and uses the information. If you are joining a community, ensure you read their privacy policies first and check the settings for preferences on controlling information such as location. Always ensure that your data and access has been kept safe by downloading a GPS SOS device on to your laptop or phones that can alert you every time the location has been used or detected.

Using the location features

Smartphones have geolocators that can give out your exact location. This can be shared on social media platforms and used by the location services for public transports apps and GPS. If you don’t want people to be able to trace you then ensure you have turned off your location services which are found in the settings.

Understanding CRM Software for Business

By   June 21, 2018

Significant forces driving this marketplace are the increasing focus on client participation, developing SMEs, social programs, business website design ideas along with the significance of sharing thoughts on a real-time basis. Organisations are finding options for Social Tracking, Social Listening, Social Middleware, Social Management as well as Social Measurement for supplying the very finest in customer experience to their clients. Nowadays, social CRM isn’t restricted just for increasing sales and enhancing advertising activities but rather to bring in greater client engagement with the ventures.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is used to handle organizational interaction with present and potential clients while network performance management assists with ensuring your programs are doing the job. CRM is a management philosophy designed to make, grow, and boost customer connection so as to maximize client value and promote profitability and finally the customer’s value. CRM software supports associations in keeping the contact information of the present or potential clients, such as addresses, names, telephone numbers, telephone records, and purchase history. Social CRM software helps clients to take part in the purposeful dialogue, thereby benefiting the organization in addition to the client.

Important factors driving the growth of the marketplace include the capability to improve focus on client dialogue, emerging SMEs and societal media supervising. A variety of firms are beginning to implement solutions for social observation, social listening, social middleware, and measurement solutions so as to supply the best possible client experience.

Innovations in this program have improved its efficiency and reachability. IT consultant companies are suggesting this application as an addition to their general CRM or operational applications software’s, whether that’s accounting software or construction software. Players in the CRM marketplace are investing greatly because of the increasing demand for greater business-specific options. Addition of freedom to the business’s CRM strategy helps in boosting consumer interaction. Increasing utilisation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has gained prominence in the business. It’s forcing both customers and workers to access sites through their cellular devices that have led to increased worker productivity by nearly 26%.

Two of the major small business technology systems that have been embraced worldwide are Point of Sale (POS) systems that are automated systems that help streamline operations mainly in the hospitality industry, and more broadly, online booking systems which have been adopted across the entire service industry.

Benefits of online booking systems comprise:

  1. Your company is always readily available for bookings.

Just because you are closed for the day, why does that imply customers need to wait until the following day to reserve a booking?

Online booking systems ensure your company is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

This means your clients can make a reservation for whenever suit them best with no need for your workers to be there). Various studies have revealed that instant accessibility while looking for goods or services dramatically increases the amount of appointments or purchases.

With online booking, you’ll reduce the number of customers that slip through your grasp.

  1. An online booking system will decrease no-shows.

Clients who believe they have a monetary obligation by reserving their own bookings are somewhat more inclined to appear, resulting in considerably fewer no-shows and empty tables.

If a client does need to cancel for whatever reason, their place can automatically become accessible again.

  1. Online booking means quicker payments.

An internet booking system can require clients to prepay for purchase or rentals.

Presently, you will find you are likely waiting to see if customers appear before it is possible to collect payment for any product or service.

  1. Less time on the telephone.

With an online booking system set up, all of the information customers will need to book with your facility is displayed on their screen and they no longer have to phone in.

You spend more time managing your organization and the clients within your store and less time worrying about missed telephone calls.

  1. You receive valuable insight into your own business.

Online booking systems have a function that provides you with analytics that enable you to quickly find out your best sellers. Using at-a-glance data it is easy to comprehend and you are in a position to concentrate on your clients’ needs and to develop your business with this focus.

When implementing an internet booking system, it is necessary to have reliable online access to check bookings and include bookings which are made on the telephone. There are services that can be run on mobile Internet connections if need be however, given the universal transition to online tools it is important to put money and resources into the very best internet service possible for your business and location.

Social CRM applications is not restricted only for increasing sales and enhancing market involvement, it is also to empower and improve customer participation in the business.

What is Digital Art?

By   April 24, 2018

Digital artwork is like any other artwork. It is made using different tools compared to more traditional arts. There is no reason why we would not see art created on a computer not used by exhibition display services or in a famous gallery. Art isn’t about the instruments used to make it. It’s all about the vision, message, or emotion of the artist. Photography is a medium whereby artist may create artwork. Similarly, a computer is simply a medium or instrument by which an artist may communicate his vision online, form, colour, rhythm, and composition.

An artist selects the moderate (oils, watercolors, or pixels) she would like to utilize. When the electronic artist, has mastery over the resources and technology [applications, gear, etc..], she is able to proceed beyond “taking an electronic image” or “using a program” and make artwork — a single expression of her eyesight.

Digital Art drops into three primary classes: digital painting, digital photography and darkroom, and fractals. There are lots of subcategories and, needless to say, the artist could combine all to make their very own special vision.

Below are descriptions out of the Digital Fine Arts Society of New Mexico which correctly describes the different Kinds of Digital Fine Art. Digital Photography, Photo-painting, and Integrated Digital Art.

Digital Photography

The artist utilises a digital or traditional camera to produce images of an object, person or environment. The photos have been digitally transferred to a computer system where the artist then applies an editing software to create special effects and adjust the image and do darkroom manipulations. Hence we can see that this type of artwork incorporates the areas of painting and photography. The artist can go further and apply painting applications to add additional features to the artwork.

Digital Collage

This is a method of combining many pictures from changing sources into a single picture. This is most commonly accomplished by using layering methods in image editing and paint programs. The artist can also utilise pictures from x-rays or radar to make images which the eye doesn’t normally see, which develops the domain of individual perception.

This really is actually the “mixed media” of this electronic art world. Artists combine some of those methods to attain exceptional results. The electronic environment is a lot less limited than traditional mediums within this kind of integration and manipulation. The capabilities of computers are remarkable and artists can produce works that are remarkable.

2D: The artist generates 2D images completely from the pc virtual environment with using painting tools which emulate natural media fashions. Occasionally Known as “Organic Media”. 3D: The artist employs 3D modeling and rendering applications to basically sculpt in virtual space. This method also uses all the other procedures. Rather than traditional exhibition display plinths, 3D art is often displayed digitally.

Vector Drawing

The artist utilises vector drawing applications and generates the image completely from the digital environment. This uses shapes that are summarized and may be filled with assorted colours and patterns. This has a tendency to create a harder-edged or picture appearance.

This is artwork produced solely by mathematical manipulations. This is the so-called “computer generated” artwork. The artwork here is located in the creation of these mathematical formulas and the means by which the apps are written to make the most of the screen capabilities of their hardware. The artwork also is located in the creative goals and subsequent collections of the artist/mathematician.

Why Blogging is Essential For Your Business

By   April 23, 2018

Whenever you are trying to demonstrate the principles of business blogging – either to your supervisor, colleagues or anyone, feel free to direct them to this post and I hope it guides them in the right direction as to why blogging is very necessary. All small business advisors stress the importance of blogging and how it totally elevates your business website. Here’s why:

1) It helps drive traffic to your website.

Now, who does not want website visitors? Think of how the Internet routes visitors to your website:
People that type your name directly on the web browser, these visitors are already familiar with you or your work and do not increase the amount of traffic than what you already have.
Buying an email list then spam these recipients, hoping that they will click your email and get directed to your site is another way. But aside from being costly, this is also prohibited.
Paying for oncoming traffic through paid ads can also contribute to the traffic. Although legal, this can be expensive as traffic will be dependent on the consistency of your payment.

So, how does one encourage people to visit your website? Simply put, you may get these desired results through blogging, the social media or search engines. This is how it works:

Think about how many pages there are on your website and how often you update them. I assume it’s only a few and it’s not updated regularly. This is where blogging comes in. Blogging can help out you with both problems. Every blog post created adds another page that is indexed on your website and thus, a chance for search engines like Google to drive traffic to your website with the hint of newly added content and activity. It is important to know the benefits of blogging on your SEO which will be explained later on. Blogging can help guide additional traffic to your website. Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest help bring in visitors who are not directly available to you and can even advertise your business.
Blogs could act as storage for contents used in social media channels, that way you no longer need someone else to manage and keep your social media presence in the play. The content you bring to your blog will favorably build up your social media influence along with new visitors to your website.

This is the first benefit of blogging, as it helps guide new traffic to your website along with the help of search engines and social media to do that.

2) It helps convert that traffic into leads.

With the incoming traffic your blog brings in, this gives you the chance to also convert this into leads. Similar to each entry added to your blog that becomes indexed content; each post gives a chance to generate leads by simply adding a lead-generating call-to-action in each blog entry.

Call-to-actions usually lead to free stuff like ebooks, facts sheet, webinars as well as trials, essentially any content asset that in which information can be traded. To be precise: A visitor comes to the website. The visitor sees call-to-action for a free offer and subsequently sees landing page and fills out the form and thus becomes a lead. High-quality advisors can provide you with information on how to optimise your leads process to capture more and more conversions.

Note: Not all readers that visit your site can be converted into leads, and that is just normal. Continue to add call-to-action on each blog entry, you may even set a visitor-to-lead conversion rate benchmark to gauge your website activity and progress.

3) It helps establish authority.

Sales and Service professionals often use blogs as tools. Successful business blogs answer common questions that leads and customers may have. Be consistent in creating blogs that support your audience. It helps establish you as an authority on your target customers.

Think of the impression an informational blog post you created that helps clarify questions that a customer may have. Or how many successful deals a salesman makes when their leads come upon his blog posts.

“Establishing authority” may not be as objective as traffic and leads, but may also be as effective. If you need to relate the impression of blogging to a less objective metric, try relating the concept similar with the way you measure sales enabling because after all, you can say most blog posts and sales are the same. It provides the content and information needed to make your purpose more fruitful and productive. Consider sales enabling opportunities that blogging present:

Potential customers that find their questions answered through blog posts written by people at your company will likely go through the sales process having faith in what you say since they felt the impression that you’ve already helped them – regardless if they weren’t that interested in purchasing before.
These customers that have gone through reading your blog posts will generally go through the sales process more enlightened as to your purpose or function, in the industry and what you have to propose. This type of conversation is more constructive than one held between strangers. This is also a great business branding as it builds up awareness about your site.

Salespeople that come across questions that require a thorough explanation or a documented answer may pull from a blog post archive. These speed up the pace of the sales process than having the sales representative create data from scratch. This in turn, makes the sales rep the point person for the potential buyer and serves as a good brand marketing strategy.

The Future of Bitcoin

By   December 4, 2017

Bitcoin (ticker: BTC) has existed since late 2008 but it just started making headlines in early 2013. It is a crypto-currency and a payment method; its main advantage is that trades are anonymous and peer-to-peer (i.e. made directly without an intermediary). Bitcoin’s total production will be limited to 21 million Bitcoins.

It’s certainly an interesting concept with several advantages but also some significant disadvantages. For example:

  • Given its pseudonymous nature and that Bitcoin address owners aren’t explicitly recognized, such trades are effectively anonymous. However, this anonymity was proven to attract transactions from illegal activities, the best-known example being that of the Silk Road site. This was a problem with regulators and officials since they recognise it as a medium for illegal transactions.
  • Bitcoin was recognized as money in many countries and as of now, it is the very liquid & broadly accepted crypto-currency on earth. However, there is a very long list of alternative crypto-currencies that are happy to grab market share and challenge Bitcoin’s dominance. And what about the 21 million Bitcoin limitation? A possibility is that when the currency will get too restricting users may turn to additional crypto-currencies, effectively raising the global supply.
  • Bitcoin trades consistently on exchanges around the globe in a very quick and simple manner, and it is conveniently saved electronically in “pockets”. But having internet wallet suppliers introduces an extra risk factor that cannot be ignored. One such case in point is the security breach at Mt. Gox in 2011, which sent shockwaves from the coin community. At the time, Mt. Gox was managing around 70 percent of all Bitcoin trades where one day it took a turn for the worst with him declaring that around 850,000 Bitcoins had been stolen. Shortly after the exchange suspended trading and filed for insolvency. It’s this potential security vulnerability which makes many people skeptical when it comes to crypto-currencies.

Recent Price Action

The price of Bitcoin has been quite unpredictable since early 2013. It had been trading between $10 and $15, and shortly afterwards went on an almost instant rise reaching a high of $1163 over exactly the same calendar year. It spent the following 18 months falling all of the way back down into the $200s but then went on the rise again as global instability dropped.

It made the news once more in late 2016 when a China-led buying spree took shape, mainly from people trying to escape the Yuan’s devaluation. Its simplicity, anonymity and ease made it an extremely popular choice amongst the Chinese. In early 2017 it nearly hit an all-time large, peaking at $1140 and at that stage the Chinese central bank made an important announcement. The CB reported that it wanted to research Bitcoin trades in market manipulation, money laundering and real estate funding. At the time of writing BTC is trading at $828 which signifies a staggering 2-week fall of over 37%.

What will the future hold for Bitcoin?

So what’s next for Bitcoin? As outlined earlier, it has many benefits and because of this it will stay applicable as a currency. The huge majority of BTC transactions by volume are produced in China so both will stay interlinked. Cryptography games online are becoming more popular by the day and may transgress to be the new norm.

We see the biggest risk to Bitcoin being its substitution and/or parallel usage by other crypto-currencies. However, original Bitcoin followers claim that this is never going to be a problem because Bitcoin was the leader and as such has the first-mover privilege. This argument is seemingly faulty because though the BTC is utilized for obligations, this is only a relatively small percent of all Bitcoins. One of its primary uses is being a store of value and for this reason, additional crypto-currencies can always step in and appreciate similar standing in case aggregate demand requires it.

Technology Changes the Sports World

By   November 22, 2017

Like any modern game, Basketball is continually evolving. The game that started with a peach basket and a Canadian teacher is now America’s most played sport, fueled by enthusiastic fans, vibrant basketball uniforms, and thrilling playoff runs. Whether you are speaking NBA, WNBA, minor league or home league, basketball is an exciting pastime for participant and spectator alike. And, one could argue, the best is yet to come, as basketball gets more and more steeped in contemporary engineering, the innovations that are being generated could change how we play and watch sports.

Although relatively new to athletic performance analytics, there is definitely a sea of change coming to basketball and basketball hoodies, as lots of athletes and fans are getting ready to become trapped in it. Together with the increase of analytics includes a new wave of technology designed to measure, analyze, and improve performance on a degree never before seen in professional sports. But before we dive into the creations, let us take a look at how the sport began, its development since, and the development on the horizon.

Basketball’s humble beginnings are much more primitive than what it’s become today. In December 1891, James Naismith, a Canadian professor of physical education at a YMCA in Massachusetts, was searching for an athletic pursuit to maintain his students occupied. He wanted a game that could be played indoors in a gymnasium, due to the cold and harsh New England winters. According to Naismith’s journal, he incorporated the principles of a child’s game known as “Duck on a Rock” to make a new sport that he called “basket ball” — named primarily for the fact that the first “net” was a peach basket affixed to an elevated track. (It was not until later than Naismith decided to cut open the bottom of the basket, allowing the ball to be poked out with a dowel; up to that point, a participant had to climb up and empty the ball from the basket when a group scored.)

Given that basketball is a comparatively youthful game, there were even more innovations to come; ones that even James Naismith could not have predicted when he awakened that peach basket. Since those days of awkward balls and makeshift baskets, basketball has seen a great deal of change. Ever since the NBA was formed from the Basketball Association of America (BAA) in 1949, athletes are drawn to this fast-paced game, and have demonstrated a strong desire to enhance their performance and triumph. At the end of the day, the aim for any professional staff is to be the very best, and get a competitive advantage by embracing innovation and technology.

Take the present trend of analytics in sports. There appears to be a dividing line between those who believe in analytics as new gospel, and those who would rather keep having an old-school way of thinking when it comes to picking players and picking the best lineups. Yet unlike baseball and soccer, basketball does not have a lot of “old school” mindset to draw on, and it looks a lot more receptive to staying on top of new inventions and trends. As soon as you include the childhood of many of basketball’s star athletes, then you receive an industry that’s far more open to embracing analytics as a mathematical means to succeed.

With all the current ways to see a Basketball game whether on tablet, computer, smartphones, televisions, which all provide replays on demand; the NBA is doing its best to keep up with the times, and, in some regions, transcend them. In 2013, Newsweek reported on the upcoming video technologies that would be set up in each NBA arena for this coming season. This innovative motion catch tech would offer an unprecedented opportunity to assemble player data: Throughout every NBA game, six cameras will capture the position of every player and the ball 25 times per second. In 48 minutes of activity, that is more than 4 million total data points per game. Information being data, it could be sorted, sliced, diced, minced, examined, and queried. Coaches and general managers will use it to learn things about basketball nobody even thought to ask about before.

Even in the past few years the players have been looking at, and using, this collection of information to improve their performance. More than just watching and analyzing video highlight reels, an increasing number of athletes are turning to movement sensors and basketball replay technology to receive a microcosmic perspective of how they are performing, and how they may be performing better. And the most recent generation of 3D motion sensors capture the athlete’s performance metrics such as vertical height, acceleration, rotation, and even hang time. This powerful information can be overlaid onto mechanically created video highlight reels, providing athletes of all abilities a profound comprehension of their performance. As time continues, a growing number of athletes use this technology to hone their abilities, thus making them more precious. Those people who are on the forefront of this expanding technology movement might be the ones who reap the most rewards.

When new technology is on the horizon, it is worth it to be an early adaptor. And because innovations are being made all of the time to be able to generate basketball among the most cutting border sports out there, there is no telling what the future might hold for analytics, wearable technology, data collection and more. It may have built tremendously upon James Naismith’s original concept, but if he had been around now, he may just be amazed that his small “basket ball” game is In the forefront of technological progress.

Marketing Tools: AdWords or SEO?

By   November 15, 2017

With Google’s recent search results changes it appears that paid search is growing in attention to the detriment of organic.

Paid advertising — like Google AdWords — is a terrific way to increase traffic to your site and can increase prospects, but it can quickly become a costly endeavour if you are not careful.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is possibly free, but behind the scenes requires a whole lot of effort to be able to reach a good ranking and maintaining it.

Paid Search: Google AdWords

Before getting started with Paid Search you will need to know what listing you want to appear for. The Google AdWords instrument is an excellent resource for assessing and understanding traffic and keywords for your industry.

One key issue with this tool however is that it will push you more towards very broad keywords. These are nearly always much more expensive and much less effective.

Many marketing managers have complained that they were putting a massive amount of money to Google AdWords and getting traffic but not getting quality leads. The truth is they noticed their advertisements were coming up for things they did not even do – and they had wasted almost all of their budget.

In starting a campaign attempt to understand what your customers are typing in to find your services. Often, it’s not the broad (called ‘head’) expensive search terms, but what are known as ‘long tail’ terms — often much cheaper with less competition but a potential goldmine for new enquiries.

This is the single biggest mistake business owners — and even internet agencies — make when setting up a campaign. Setting a head key word or phrase opens you up to all types of loose variants of that sort of term — often many are completely unrelated to what you’re doing.

Additionally, it is important to frequently review your campaign. You can see the search terms that have been used where you paid result appears as well as what people click on and you can block this phrase from appearing in future – resulting in savings. Again, many people including agencies either don’t much knowledge about this feature or don’t take the opportunity to filter the campaign.

In spite of the changed search layout it’s still proven that only 30 percent of consumers will click on a paid advertisement result, the remainder — the vast majority — will select the page to the organic search results.

Additionally, according to a recent poll 26 percent of net users indicate that they use some kind of Ad Blocking program. This leaves AdWords and other paid search totally useless.


Organic Search: SEO

SEO ‘costs’ nothing in order for your site to appear in search results. However, the process of attaining that ranking (and maintaining it) can involve plenty of money and time.

SEO relies on hundreds of individual factors that form part of a search engine’s algorithm when ranking your site. In Google’s case, the current algorithm changes they’ve put a focus on good quality content — writing quality web content and information for your visitors.

Generally speaking your rank is composed of variables on your page (search-engine) and from your webpage (off-page).

On page factors include tags and code that make up your web design. Things like TITLE tags, Descriptions, Heading tags and much more are analysed and indexed. However, as mentioned before much of the rank comes from an analysis of everything you have on the page — content.

Off page factors are slightly more difficult, but normally include links to your site from other websites. Further recent changes to Google’s algorithm though have meant that business-related sites are the focus and in many cases, you don’t need a lot to achieve a good ranking. There is an argument however, that if sites are connecting to you (rather than just your main page but subpages too) then your web page content must be relevant and useful to users — Google will therefore pay more attention to your site.

As the web continues to mature many businesses are developing their sites, putting more into these as a vital marketing tool and reaping the benefits. This also suggests that the goal posts are moving, your site may once have rated well but because perhaps it’s code was not actually targeting anything, you’ll now start to fall behind.


To Conclude

AdWords is a fantastic way to ‘immediately’ appear at or ‘higher up’ in search results. But take care to monitor search phrases and exclude what is irrelevant to avoid wasting money. Of course, the minute you quit spending the results vanish.

SEO may be free, but requires a whole lot of effort so as to rank well. And as your competitors realises that the internet is an excellent marketing tool it means increased effort must remain higher in the ranks.

Today, there’s a case for the two to both be part of your marketing plan but ensure you constantly track results and reporting to maintain an effective campaign.

A brand is more than a logo

By   November 10, 2017

Logo design is a component of brand design. But, a brand is not just its logo. When does a company’s logo become part of its brand?

To answer this question, let us first define a logo and a brand:

What is a logo? A logo is a unique, purposeful design that is paired with your business name in an interesting and cohesive manner. The logo also has a colour palette delegated to it. It has to be scalable, able to be replicated consistently in all of your advertising, and ageless — so that it doesn’t become stale or look old too soon. Your graphics must be consistent so that your logo fits in with your web design and other platforms and advertising material.

What’s a brand? A brand is the group of perceptions that your customer has about your company. Be aware that the brand resides on your client’s mind — and the ideas that they have about your company.

This does not mean that the brand is outside of your control. You can control your client’s notion of your own brand by defining your brand and designing eye-catching, stand-out images to convey that message. Then, use those images consistently throughout your marketing materials, thus helping your customers get the right idea about your brand.

Aspects of your brand that you have complete control over include:

The narrative that you are telling about your company. The first step in branding is to figure out who you are, what you do, what makes you different and who your best customers are. And, to put that all together in an easy-to-say and easy-to-understand brand story. Use that as the base for all of your visual communications, business and marketing writing, and your promotion design and strategy.

Your logo: Your Logo ought to be designed to visually inform your brand story and to be appealing to your target clients.

Your visual vocabulary: Your logo is just one piece of your visual communication toolkit. If your marketing materials only had your logo and text on white paper, whilst it is a good start, you would be missing opportunities to make your layouts more eye-catching. Your visual language is all of your additional graphics to the logo — such as background colours or patterns, header layouts, stock photos, your headshot, borders, or special offers, pictures of your products, and your font styles and colour palette. This gives you more tools to create stunning designs for your own brand.

Marketing material designs: The design of your business card, letterhead, brochure, ebook cover, website, as well as your Twitter page are all a vital part of your brand. These materials should reinforce one another and match without mixing together too much.

Therefore, a brand is much more than a logo — it’s the consistent story that you tell through graphics and all other ways you write about your business

That story gets into your customers’ minds and – if you have established a stand-out brand — it’ll stick there!

When you make this stickiness, also known as memorability, your customers will all be “on the same page” when it comes to your brand. This means that their opinions and buzz about your company will reinforce their thoughts about you and your business.

The Impact of Technology on the Construction Industry

By   November 8, 2017

There is a whole lot of buzz nowadays about drones, 3D printing and robots. It’s easy to brush these technologies off as fads or luxuries until you understand a few of the cases which are being applied by integrating those emerging technologies. As everyone matures, we are getting much closer to a world where structures could be constructed entirely automatic and unmanned. I’ve talked to a variety of companies in this space and here is what I have discovered.

Agility at scale wins

Building big complex structures is a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor. The Freedom Tower in New York City took over seven years to complete. This past year, The Guardian showed a video of a 57-story building being constructed in 19 days in China. Granted, this construction is not as complicated a structure as the 104-story Freedom Tower, but 19 days remains an astonishing achievement.

How are companies attaining these remarkable feats? They are combining multiple emerging technologies to gather data, automate processes and construct structures with more precision, and speed instead of using the largest cranes or double the manpower. These technologies also allow investors to determine value out of their large investments much sooner than in the past, leading to a quicker ROI.

Automation enabled by data

Inspections play a crucial part in building. Before a single piece of engineered timber, the concrete or foundational base is constructed, the construction site goes through a series of inspections to comprehend various data points concerning the soil, drainage, vegetation, surface space and a whole lot more. Once the building procedure starts, many more reviews are necessary to guarantee worker safety, compliance, quality, progress and many other critical data points. In conventional construction, all these inspections are mostly manual, time-consuming and at times even dangerous to execute. Imagine the risk of examining beams on the 34th floor of a building under construction.

Drones are now being set up to expedite these inspections. They can cover a broad area in short time spans. They have quite advanced lenses which may capture detailed, close-up images, and send data in real time to computer systems and machines which could react in real time to the information received. There are many benefits of collecting digital information from drones. A large benefit is that the data allows builders to perform pre-construction simulations, permitting them to test many hypotheses and designs and reduce the risk of error before breaking ground for the first time. Another benefit, which I will expand on later, is having the capability to do construction jobs remotely and unmanned.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is also transforming the way complex structures are being built printing concrete constructions in high speed. The 3D printing business published the top 10 3D printed structure inventions, which I recommend watching. Among the most astonishing innovations was from Amsterdam based 3D printing firm MX3D. One of the videos featured an unmanned robot 3D printing a whole bridge.

3D printing is also being used to publish complex, curved, layered and artistic structures and objects which make up modern buildings. Creating these intricate objects by hand and in the scale is a massive undertaking, but with 3D printing, the job becomes much more effective.

Automated robots are being used to construct beams, lay bricks, dig, drill, place timber beams, paint and perform just about any task needed to construct structures. What is really exciting in this area is the ability to do construction unmanned and remotely. Innovative businesses have built solutions that allow smart robots to operate synchronously to assemble complex objects. All this could be achieved under the watchful eye of a technician from throughout the world over the net.

RoboticsX, a high-tech startup in Germany was recently spoken to. Their vision is to change the entire world from space and robotics business. They state that “If Elon Musk is going to Mars, our robots and systems will be the first passengers”. RoboticsX is presently focusing on autonomous robotics which will enable the construction of buildings and structures on Mars which will perform under changing environments and without continuous supervision from earth. Their current focus is to constantly perfect this technology and apply it to the “Digital Factory” to optimize manufacturing plants in what many call the Industry 4.0 way. These robots are being used in the automotive industry to manufacture cars, trucks and other vehicles and in the pharmaceutical sector to produce goods. Peter Boras, CEO & co-founder, stated they are testing scaling around 3,000 robots working at the same time.


The construction industry is being disrupted and we are still in the very early phases. The number of innovation in several technologies have allowed leaders in the building sector to leverage technology to radically change business models for constructing large structures and buildings. The move form drake low loaders to drones, large information, machine learning, 3D printing, and robotics are some of the key enabling technologies leading the disruption. As machines get smarter and more competent each year, the vision of construction on Mars becomes less of a dream and more of a reality.

Top Aussie Tech Innovations in the Healthcare Industry

By   August 7, 2017

An emerging industry in Australia, Health Care Technology Inventions are helping provide good care to Australians in fresh and fascinating ways.

A brand-new wave of mobile apps and technological thoughts backed by science are bettering the health of people. And they are making an impact in the methods by which medical health professionals work.

Here’s a look at a Few of the present trends rotating heads and forming the future of Aussie healthcare.

Online Health Centres

Late the previous year, Australia’s inaugural “digital hospital” opened At Hervey Bay sitting on QLD’s Fraser Coast.

This health centre, worked below UnitingCare QLD and boasts Innovative wireless technologies that incorporate all health care documents, X-ray and pathology labs, nurse telephone systems, telephone systems and individual medical apparatuses, including blood pressure devices as well as infusion pumps.

Their doctor will be able to monitor and implement medical alarms, Drugs, vital signs, test outcomes and patient background by observing patients using a reporting dashboard.

The tech allows medical experts to access individual Info like health alarms, meds, vital signs, test outcomes and individual history on actual time on mobile apps from any place, enabling for quicker and more effective decision making.

Sensors Anticipating Falls

In December, a group of Melbourne-based genius’ took out the first Janssen HaTCH challenge and has been granted a one hundred-thousand-dollar grant for creating a detector system which has the capacity to forecast falls in the older before they happen.

Attached into a walker frame, the machine that works like real time gps tracking — called Footprints — can always monitor an elderly person’s walking ability and notify medical professionals when interventions are needed.

This cannot only aid to stop falls when combined with fall prevention training but additionally, it reduces Pricey hospitalisations.

Among the invention’s builders, Wesley Loh, advised Janssen HaTCH: “Currently our health care system pays $8.4 billion for injuries caused by falls. Footprints can help reduce these costs by preventing falls. The device may also improve the quality of life of Australian seniors and could allow them to remain independent for longer.”

In-Home HIV Aids Tests

In-Home HIV Aids tests could shortly be accessible through a new method of oral evaluation (OE).

HIV quick tests like the OE can play an Integral role in early detection, beginning of antiretroviral treatment and stopping transmission.

While signs for oral tests continues to be blended, a new analysis Suggested this evaluation had comparable precision to the only alternative quick HIV test in the Aussie marketplace (a finger-prick blood sample). The OE evaluation, which entails sweeping a swab throughout the gum lines and then putting it at an alternative, is regarded as perfect for people who’d rather try at home.

The evaluation is currently being contemplated for Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval.

Home Tracking of Chronic Diseases

This past Year, a $5.47 million telehealth trial that was directed to demonstrate the installation, evaluation and operation of a broadband-enabled method for home monitoring of individuals with chronic disease concluded.

The trial outcomes are still being assessed, but preliminary Findings are positive.

Pulse IT reported that the findings indicate price savings through Nurse seeing and traveling time can offset the price of the medical equipment sales required to make the program viable, and possibly result in better health outcomes for individuals residing in the home.

The finding also indicated elderly folks in the area are interested in helping to control their health and this well-being enhanced in certain participants.

Early Infection Detection Via Smartphone Technology

Another finalist from the Janssen HaTCH challenge, Life Picture, unites urinary biomarkers with smartphone technologies.

Increasing private health consciousness through observation of Biomarkers may help in optimising self-management of daily diet and physical fitness activities

Life Picture has the potential to detect early signals of ailments through programs. It is helpful for patients and also for clinicians to track the consequences of interventions on disease risk factors and effects and does not require you to find a tutor to understand how it works.

Individuals who have a higher risk for disorder can use the program to keep tabs on their own physical fitness diet and activity, and observe results with time. The program enables people to take possession of their own healthier lifestyle. In a poll conducted by Budget Direct, participants stated detection and treatment for cancer and other ailments was one of the best modern progressions. This program is helping the procedure.

Exercise Prescribed By an IOS Program

TrackActive is an iPhone and iPad program designed especially for therapists, personal trainers and exercise professionals that need to economically prescribe and deliver exercise applications to their clientele.

The program differs from present tools since it is driven by Caregivers, not patients. This helps to make sure that the applications are tailored to people and it helps the care staff to track and join with patients while finishing their exercises at home.

On-The-Spot Testing

Two new inventions are leading the charge in on-the-spot Testing in Australian healthcare.

Lately, the Herald Sun reported on a $5 million increase Given to a group of physicians, scientists and scientists in the University of Melbourne that are creating a collection of bionic devices.

These little, matchbox-sized devices can provide on-the-spot diagnostics, such as pathology or diagnostic evaluations, and they might also monitor adverse reactions to drugs. The study team is also growing apparatuses including possible treatments for diseases like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and various spinal disorders.

Many rural hospitals are now using a point-of-care apparatus that enables hospital staff to run on-the-spot testing without the need for a biology tutor or other expert to conduct and interpret the tests.

In New South Wales currently, many rural hospitals are now applying Point-of-care apparatus that enable hospital staff to run on-the-spot testing whenever there are no labs on the site.

Developed by NSW Health Pathology, these devices target to Provide quicker diagnosis and therapy. They Also Help avoid air evacuations to bigger hospitals that may be expensive.

Insulation Sealing Tech Increases Efficiency

By   July 4, 2017

Sealing and insulating a home’s building envelope can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure, and can often be vulnerable to human error. Currently, contractors will need to manually find both small and massive gaps in a building’s construction so as to completely seal the space from water and air, but they can often miss holes or not even realize they exist in the first place until hot water service repairmen or plumbing emergency services arrive, like those in electrical sockets.

A new technology from duct-sealing business Aeroseal seeks to remove some of the issues and shortcomings of conventional insulation using an automated aerosolized sealing system which is more precise and efficient than others in the marketplace.

To use AeroBarrier, employees need to temporarily block boors, windows, electrical outlets, and any other spaces that they don’t want sealed. Then, after pressurizing the room and setting the system to seal to a particular tightness (for instance, the Passive House Standard is 0.6 ACH), the automated system sprays sealant particles which travel to gaps and build up and bond with each other to seal holes. The company says that the technology can seal gaps up to 1/2″ broad and as little as a human hair. After the sealant is used, it looks like a gray caulk and can be painted over.

The product is not on the market yet as it is still seeking advice from house extension builders and designers, but the company has used it to seal numerous multifamily buildings and has partnered with various production builders for field trials on new single-family homes.

AeroBarrier is a single-step aerosolized sealing process that simultaneously measures and seals building envelope leaks. The technological concepts used with AeroBarrier are an extension of aerosol-based duct sealing technology developed by the Department of Energy in the late 1990s.

Effectively sealing a building envelope is currently a manual multi-step, multi-product procedure that typically requires verification and application during various phases of construction. AeroBarrier replaces these different processes with a single-step, single application computer-controlled procedure which simultaneously seals and facilitates the contraction of the building envelope. AeroBarrier can also be utilised along with present sealing processes and during ongoing renovations or residential plumbing service repairs as a way of meeting specifications when conventional methods fail.

Some of its key benefits include; meeting the most competitive air leakage standards, only taking about 2-3 hours to seal a room including setup, and cutting back on the manual procedure in a single-step, single product program. The technology also provides a final report with documented results.

But what types of products and laborers can this technology replace at the future? Nowadays, effectively sealing the building envelope requires an range of products used during various phases of the construction procedure. Amongst others, these could include insulation, barrier sheeting, wraps, mastics, spray foams and caulking. AeroBarrier can replace many, if not all these sealing strategies with one program.

Additionally, conventional manual sealing is accomplished through numerous workers during different stages of the construction process, while AeroBarrier typically requires just two to three employees applying the sealant during one phase of construction. Some contractors may put on the technology as a way of meeting specifications when conventional methods have failed whilst others may use AeroBarrier as a replacement for some or all these current techniques.

As of right now, the price tag is still being determined. Various builders currently use different procedures to attain adequate envelope tightness, so the savings depend upon a variety of variables including current strategies and processes used. We hope to get a better comprehension of this – and how much it will cost to use the sealant after builders warranty and public liability insurance – once the technology is introduced to the market and they hire more contractors for home extensions.

There were some challenges bringing it to market, however. As with the introduction of any revolutionary invention, there are issues associated with educating and demonstrating viability. In this pre-market stage, Aeroseal worked hard to gain the trust of the contractor partners and answer questions they might have had regarding the technology’s application, efficacy, durability, and viability at work. During development, there were also ongoing tweaks made to both the sealant properties and the shipping equipment to guarantee maximum efficacy and its conducive program in real-world atmosphere. As we get closer to market introduction, questions concerning cost savings and price point are being analyzed.

AeroBarrier is currently being used in final field trials and is expected to be commercially available in early 2018.

What Cloud Computing Software You Should Use In 2017

By   May 12, 2017

Why Store Your Information Online?

Since the beginning of the internet, the innovation industry has actually been gradually moving far from local storage to remote, server-based storage and processing – what is referred to as the cloud computing services. Look at music and movies: We used to play them from local media, today they’re streamed from servers. You can gain the same benefits of anywhere access and sharing (and the efficiency benefits that can bring), in addition to the decrease of local storage requirements by keeping your own files and media files in the cloud, and even back ups of your website templates for mortgage brokers, which proves extremely useful if you’re someone like a business coach. We have rounded up the best cloud storage and file-sharing and -syncing services to help you choose which you should use in your circumstance.

cloud computing

These services provide smooth access to all your crucial information– Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, web data like mortgage broker websites and templates, other digital assets from anywhere you are. You do not have to be sitting at your work PC to see your work files: With cloud syncing you can get to them from your smartphone on the train, from your tablet on your sofa, and from the laptop in your hotel room or kitchen. Using a service like those included here means no more needing to email files to yourself or plug and unplug USB thumb drives.

If you do not yet have a cloud service for keeping and syncing your data in the cloud, you need one. Which one you select depends upon the sort of files you store, just how much security you require, whether you prepare to work together with other individuals, and which gadgets you use to modify and access your files. It might also depend on your comfort level with computers in general. Some services are extremely user-friendly, while others provide sophisticated personalization for more skilled techies.

What Can Cloud Storage Provide for You?

The best cloud storage solutions play perfectly with other apps and services, making the experience of watching or editing your files feel natural. Especially in business settings, you’ll want your other software applications and apps to be able to recover or access your files, so making sure you use a service that easily authenticates with the other tools you use is a big deal. DropBox is particularly strong in this regard.

The series of capabilities of cloud-based storage services and cloud backup services is incredible. A lot of them focus on a specific location. For instance, Dropbox and SugarSync concentrate on keeping a synced folder available everywhere. SpiderOak emphasizes security. Some cloud storage services, such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, are generalists, providing not just folder and file syncing, however also media-playing and file syncing which is great for your time management. These services even function as partnership software, providing real-time document co-editing.


Retread Technology To Be The New Ground Breaker In Tyre Industry!

By   May 11, 2017

Bridgestone Corporation revealed that it has actually established a new tyres innovation for both trucks and buses, that will lead to both substantial resource conservation and enhanced fuel performance. The new innovation is called TRISAVER, a reference to the three kinds of savings it allows: savings of costs, resources, and CO2 emissions.

new tyres

Since acquiring Bandag, Incorporated in 2007, Bridgestone has remained in the forefront of an international solutions company using retread tyres and Bandag’s retread innovation. While new tyres are manufactured by vulcanizing all the products at the same time, retread tyre production bonds together a different and previously vulcanized housing (the original body of the tyre that stays once its initial tread life has been utilized) and the tread (the rubber element of the tyre that makes contact with the road). Focusing on this difference in manufacturing techniques, Bridgestone has found that general performance of the tyre can be improved by manufacturing the case and tread through a process that is optimal for each part.


Bridgestone’s TRISAVER innovation uses this innovative production technique, in addition to an innovative brand-new compound in both the case and the tread. This new innovation significantly lowers rolling resistance compared with standard tyres, and at the same time boosts toughness, therefore potentially increasing the number of times the tyre can be retreaded.


This revolutionary new innovation provides customer value through cost savings, given that greater toughness suggests the tyre can be retreaded more times, and improved fuel efficiency through lower rolling resistance. At the same time, the innovation benefits the environment by using resources better and reducing CO2 emissions.

With strategies to market this new innovation in the future, Bridgestone remains in the process of performing road trials and analyzing its marketability. Other premium road tyre brands including kumho tyres and goodyear tyres are also on the cusp of ground breaking technology.

Australian Tech Market Has to Commemorate More Wins

By   May 9, 2017

Atlassian is Australia’s biggest innovation export. The $6 billion publicly-traded software application business developed popular partnership tools like Hipchat and Confluence. Today, the business held its very first European Summit in Barcelona , showcasing various corporate speakers from the company, where it exposed how its software application market has exceeded $250 million in sales and that a brand-new information centre will be established in Ireland to serve European cloud clients.

Despite of the massive wins since the business began some 15 years back, co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar stay modest about their success and continue to promote for the assistance and advancement of Australia’s tech scene. Business Insider briefly consulted with Farquhar at the summit about the existing state of the innovation market and exactly what he hopes it will attain in the coming years.

Farquhar thinks it’s interesting to see how federal government has understood how tech is altering workforce mobility solutions and the way individuals work. “For a very long time they didn’t pay any attention. I sit on the innovation board of Australia, and the only thing I do is try and help Australia to be more ingenious and embrace innovations and make Australia be the very first on the planet at something”.

“The greatest difficulty we have in Australia in regards to innovation is that the majority of people in Australia have actually led a really comfortable, protected life, meaning innovation is frightening since it is related to change. Change can bring remarkable, brand-new things, but it can also be frightening”. He went on to say, as soon as Google starts producing self-driving cars and trucks and a corresponding software tester with ict risk mitigation, and we purchase a great deal of those cars and trucks, then the cash is going to Google instead of Australia.

Farquhar thinks we have currently lost the cars and truck market, so that’s a bad example but exactly what are the markets we are going to be the very first worldwide at? Mike had an excellent example which is that we do about 1% of the world’s GDP in Australia, so we’re just producing 1% of the world’s innovation and software application to stay competitive. So that’s why I sit on federal government boards, to obtain direct exposure to the administration and be a voice for business leaders. Typically speaking, they are all attempting to do the right thing, it’s simply tough relocating products and individuals in federal government.

“The something we can do is commemorate the wins more and reveal the daily punter, exactly what does this mean for them? The example I would not use is Atlassian, or anything like that. I’d say let’s demonstrate how innovation is used in other organisations.” He used the example of Peter Murphy, a teacher from the University of South Australia, who developed the world’s very first plastic vehicle rear view mirror embedded with a GPS fleet and asset tracking system. Since June 2016 the development had an overall export sales worth of around US$162 million.

“I think they saw the writing on the wall earlier than everybody else,” he stated. “They can deliver them overseas, they can fit thousands in a container ship, so now we have this Australian business – which might have been bought out by now – this effective Australian business that provides rear vision mirrors to the world. “I believe that story is more attractive to the daily individual than some software application business.

“We have to alter the manner in which individuals think of innovation in Australia. The tough one is that if we do not maintain this, we get left behind.” Regarding his participation with the innovation board, in which the federal spending plan was simply around the corner, Business Insider also inquired about his thoughts on the federal government’s existing financing of the market and exactly what he hopes will be dealt with in the federal government’s financial evaluation.

He was pleased to see increased financial investment in public education, referencing Gonski, stating that having actually originated from a public education background, he thinks “it’s extremely crucial and I’m passionate about it.” But he also expects increased financial investment in innovation, agile test management services and tech. “I (hope) for more momentum in the discussion around innovation,” he stated. “We have to influence the Australian individuals around our market and its potential to alter the world.”.

The Technological Future of The Shoe Industry

By   May 8, 2017

Technology and innovation create new possibilities every day, but few industries are as vulnerable to such high-speed development as the shoe market, particularly the womens boots market.

Smart innovation, material development, connective materials and sustainable alternatives to the products known to us today – these are just a few advancements in the technology that are conceived in the shoes market daily. Be it known and appreciated brand names or young brash and ingenious new brand names, they all add to a market that typically sets the standard for other markets to follow.

At Stahl we work carefully with OEM’s in the footwear market on a large range of projects, for instance, devoting to Manufacturing Restricted Substances Lists (MRSL) for textile and leather processing, or creating new innovations and product collections for advanced shoes labels that may include a new line of knee high boots.

This is why we follow innovations and trends in the shoes market with interest. One of our partners is the SLEM global development and education institute for shoes and its founder, distinguished trend forecaster Nicoline van Go into. She has just recently developed a trend projection for footwear, where innovation and development shape the future. Here are some of Nicoline’s future patterns in shoes:

1 Footwear internet of things

Shoes will become part of the Internet of Things: the network of physical items that are embedded with electronics, software, sensing units, and network connection to allow them to gather and exchange data. Shoes are highly beneficial for this, because the majority of people use them throughout the day and they can offer more area for electronic devices than a mobile phone. In the meantime, we mostly discover interactive shoes that have GPS, heating, pedometers, musical or massage functions and automated fastenings, but we are expecting more advanced options that, for instance, stimulate the nerves in the feet to improve health.

2 Alternative leathers

Leather is still the most popular product for footwear like ankle boots, but sometimes, its ecological footprint can be improved. That is why designers are searching for different sort of leather and brand-new methods of tanning and finishing. For instance, we see interest in utilizing parts of the animal that are normally discarded, such as the stomach (top row). Or we find new fish leathers, which some think about to be more sustainable given that fish skin is considered waste in the fishing market. These scaled leathers are extremely fragile though. That is why natural tannins and dyes could be a much better option, like prints made with algae that alter color gradually.

3 Soft sensor networks

In the future shoes will generally evolve to become wearable information centers that monitor our body and organize its interaction with the outside world. This is done through so-called soft sensing unit networks: circuits of flexible sensors that are embedded in the upper and/or (in) sole and are programmed to determine specific information, which is then sent out to an external gadget, such as a watch or a smartphone. In this manner, we can not just monitor injuries if your thigh high boots break on you, but also avoid them from taking place, which is especially beneficial for diseases that greatly impact the feet, like diabetes.

Enjoying Free Games with Gameisode

By   May 7, 2017

We all enjoy the simple things from time to time, and this is equally true when it comes to video games. There are a few that many will remember such as Night Raid, Jetpack, Wolfenstein 3D, Solar Winds, and a plethora of others. Normally when something is gone it is simply gone, but games like these will never go away, or at least their spirit will never dissolve.

We have moved on to other games since then. We have online multiplayer games and even intensive console games that we never could have imagined back in the days of the plastic diskette. In spite of that, these games did emerge and it seems that the games of old simply vanished. This is not entirely true however. Those games are still out there in spirit and when you get bored of your new three-dimensional wonders and your high-powered consoles, you can revisit the glory days of old.

Does anyone here remember Night Raid? The game paratrooper on Gameisode is not exactly night raid but it certainly does capture its spirit! It is certainly something to think about when you want to experience a blast from the past! However, that is not all! There are plenty of other games on the website for everyone from the hardcore shooter to the person wanting to forget about life for a few moments.

These are all free online games that you can enjoy at your leisure and if you do not like one game, you can simply switch to another with no problem. There is no subscription fee to pay, and there is no need to sign up. All you need to do is head to the website and enjoy!

The next question you are probable asking is why you should prefer Gameisode to any other website offering free online games. One reason is usability and this is actually a big deal, believe it or not. Many websites that provide free online games have a hard time organizing their content, making it a nightmare for you to find the game you want. In addition to that, once you FIND the game you may have to contend with ten to twenty popups that will run in the background and take up your CPU time. If you just want to play free games, this really is not something you want to deal with.

Therefore, on that note, it is time for you to check out the online games at Gameisode. You have probably heard it all before when searching for a decent gaming website. You might hear that one is better than the other is, and then you might hear a review that negates all of those reviews. Finding the right website is not going to be easy by any means but at Gameisode you actually have a chance at achieving satisfaction.

Bookmark the website, put it on your toolbar, and no matter when you open it, all of the most popular games will be sitting on the front page, ready for you to take advantage of. Unlike many other gaming sites that provide free games, these online games are built around the user. They are not a half-baked attempt to draw money for the website, and they are not there for the collection of demographics. They are in fact there for you to have fun with, and fun is exactly what you will have.

There are a number of different categories for you to explore on Gameisode. Some contain games for children, some games for girls and some rather violent games that even the most hardcore gamers will come to enjoy as a small diversion. There are plenty of options on Gameisode in the free games category, and you will find that there is something for everyone.

Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime? Are you ready to play the new incarnations of the old games that we all came to know and love? If so, then you are ready to take on Gameisode, and you are ready to enjoy all of the games it offers. The time to play is now.