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Trendy mobile accessories available

By   February 25, 2020

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our day to day life and with the increase in their usage and market demand have forced the manufacturer to keep innovating. There has been continuous variation in features and preferences with the general audience have led to new trends and revolutionary changes in the market. As most customers are ready to spend more on their mobile devices and updated gadgets it is important to be aware of any new technology launch and their price ranges. This extraordinary product market has been boosted by competition, demand in production and rising technology. There are various accessories available for these smartphones that are aimed to make the existing version into the smartest version possible. Most accessories have been manufactured to attract a specific crowd and most smartphone manufacturers are making these accessories a mandatory add-on.

These accessories have made the smartphone convert themselves into exceptional user experiences which are visually appealing. We have several accessories designed and produced in specific styles, colours and patterns making them very attractive to use. The big giants in this smartphone accessory world would be Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Bose corporation and Kenwood corporations. As consumers are going crazy about app features and wireless gadgets, we have several competitions in this market with new launches coming every month. The most common accessories broadly fall under the categories of wireless headphones and charges, Mobile printers, Power backup devices and modules for cameras.

Tourists taking selfies
  1. Advanced tracker devices: Wandering in the wild and need a device to track your location, we know advance trackers with GPS, Bluetooth and charging capabilities such as Chipolo Go. Also, look for LynQ tracker that helps you from getting lost, guide you back home and connect with 12 people, who are 3 miles apart. LynQ doesn’t need any mobile subscription or a mobile device to use. However, give you compass-like tracking to guide your journey.
  2. Popsockets: What are pop sockets? Pop sockets are small circular objects that can be attached to your phone for you to handle your phone more comfortably. It helps you to test more freely, take selfies without the hassle of dropping your phone unnecessarily, watch videos with support on the table and many other ways. They are now in trend and you’ll find plenty of millennials with pop sockets on their phones with funky new designs and colours. These pop socket holders are now considered cool and we see the trend catching on easily.
  3. Wireless and fast chargers: We now have a need to have our phones to charge quickly to keep up with our busy lives. We now have wired USB chargers with QC technology and C-type connectors are now available for fast charging. We also have wireless chargers available for use for travel lovers and capable of 3 devices charging at one time, which is cool and convenient. We also have a wireless charger for cars from Autosense, giving us a feel from the future, that easily mount and clamp the phone for charging. Check out: Unravel for the triple charger and Moshi & Autosense wireless super-fast mobile charger for cars. Mophie power station is also another one.
  4. Wireless audio sets and headsets: With music being the world for most of us, now we have trending wireless headphones available. Such as the USB charger which can charge itself by converting itself into a USB cable. Then comes Moshi with an advanced headphone called the Mythro C which has USB-C earphones and Avanti C is about ear caps with vegan leather and headband which is ergonomic.
  5. Portable power backups: Simple lightweight power backups would be boon to all of us and we have innovation from the PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid chargers and Powerport Atom. The Power back up Atom has a very fast 30W recharging power which is capable of charging smartphones, MacBooks, tablets and it also has a Nintendo Switch. Travel lovers check out Nomad Plug for travel adapters. This simple charger from travellers which is an adapter that supports close to 200 countries in the world.
  6. Mobile printers: Mobile printers can make our lives easy and with pico printers slightly larger than our smartphones, there are devices to go far to make business easier and for convenience
  7. Keyboard cases: Keyboards are becoming a trend, as mobile owners are now concerned about their mobile touch accessibility and convenience. The wallet case from Tech21’s keyboard case is a soft built cover that makes your life easier to work on travel.

How to prepare your workforce

By   February 20, 2020

The position of your business is a reflection of the quality of your workforce. Your people are your strength, and that is why there is a need to prepare them. 

But prepare them for what?

This is the right time for your workforce to hit maximum productivity, so their skills don’t go to waste. We are in the middle of the transition of a physical workplace to a virtual one. There is a need to take the skill gap (where the skills should be at, as compared to where they really sit) seriously. 

So how do you do that?

Train your workforce

The people you hire have a variety of skills, but it is your job to understand the fact that their skills need to be balanced according to the requirement of your company. Make sure you understand where your staff stand on their best qualities and how you can use it to the best of your profits. Along with that, train them with the skills that they are not as confident in. They can conquer the market with their best but to survive, they need to know everything they will be facing. If you’re not sure where to start, seek some corporate advisory to get the ball rolling.

This may be done in the form of Saturday sessions or as a part of real-time projects. Anything that might not affect the overall performance of your company, choose it as your practice ground and educate your employees. The objective is to bring everyone on the same page as the demands of the market today. The most common approach for a small skill gap is just shoulder-to-shoulder coaching, however this isn’t always the most appropriate approach.

skills and learning from corporate advisors

Introduce them to the latest technology

The advancements in technology and the era of breakthroughs that we are experiencing make your workforce vulnerable to technology if they don’t have access to up-to-date information. How will they be comfortable with what’s new if they don’t use it? Make sure that your employees have the best that you can afford in your business when it comes to their workplace support – be it this software or that hardware.

You don’t have to do much here because everyone is already using Google’s text to speech, QR code scanner and face and fingerprint detection on their smartphone. So technology is a child’s play if the user interface is simple.

Provide your workforce with the most efficient tech, with the best user interface, and they will get along pretty well.

One of the undeniable merits of this technological approach is that it offers working hour flexibility which can benefit everyone in so many ways.

Make the IT department your priority

With everything being online, the need for the IT department has become a necessity. So have the IT guys ready for when they are required. After all, with great power (of immense access due to the internet) comes great responsibility (of protecting your assets).

Don’t neglect the IT department in terms of budgets, because they will be your saving grace when something goes wrong; and when it comes to IT, something going wrong can result in huge problems. 

Include the employees in the process so that you know all the ways to approach the goal you are setting. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to your employees and their skills. The skill development of the employee is no longer limited to their schools and colleges, and today’s executives need to admit this. 80% of learnings come from on-the-job experience. Building the employees is a part of their responsibility as well, and it is the only way to grow as a whole.

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